Family Law / Divorce

Family Law issues are highly emotional and time consuming due to the fact that they strike close to home. At Hudson and Associates Attorneys will act as zealous and advocates while working to adress your personal concerns.

With decades of experience in divorce and constantly dealing with the ever-evolving California divorce laws, Hudson and Associates attorneys will act as advocates, as well as, advisors all while working to address your personal concerns.

Child and Spousal Support
One of the first concerns when separating or divorcing is to make sure you and your children are provided for financially through this difficult time. We will work tirelessly to insure you obtain a fair and equitable divison of property and cost associated with moving you lives forward.

Child Custody
In California, child custody is based on what is in the best interest of the child. Courts look to a variety of factors in determining a custody arrangement that is in the child�s best interest. We will make sure that your child�s living arrangements are acceptable to both parents.

Prenuptial, Postnuptial, or Marital Settlement Agreements
A contract, whether it be verbal or in writing, is defined as a legally binding agreement enforceable in a court of law. Unfortunately, not all agreements between people are considered legally binding. To be considered a valid contract, certain elements must be applied. Our firm can assist you in negotiating and preparing an appropriate family law agreement between you and your spouse / fianc� that will be enforceable in a court of law.

Modifications of Family Court Orders
Requests for a modification to a family court order are typically made based on a change in the spouses� financial situation or child custody arrangements. We can assist you to obtain the desired modification or to oppose a request for modification made by your ex-spouse.

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